KBR has extensive experience in handling all types of general liability cases from inception, through trial and post-verdict appeals. These claims include all premises liability cases in which landlords, managing agents and business owners are sued. We defend personal injury cases involving
fires, explosions, building collapses, ceiling collapses, steam systems, radiators and hot water burns, as well as negligent security cases, claims involving falls on transitory conditions, and claims involving structural defects and property damage.

KBR defends alleged false arrest and imprisonment claims, both against security companies and/or owners of commercial establishments as well as other security guard or service cases.

KBR has successfully litigated numerous other specialty cases, such as trucking and auto cases; dram shop claims; foster care agency cases; construction litigation against owners, general contractors, construction managers and subcontractors; alarm installers and monitoring cases; suits against investigators; sporting injury cases; gymnasium cases; and cases involving injuries at camps and places of amusement.

KBR also has extensive experience defending claims for general liability against medical care facilities and hospitals. Working with KBR’s Professional Liability Practice Group, we utilize our vast experience in the inner workings of hospitals and nursing homes to defend claims which contain both general and professional allegations. When claims arise that include both general liability claims and allegations of product liability, KBR’s Product Liability Group is readily available to offer their support. KBR’s Appellate Practice Group is available to assist on issues that arise in the defense of general liability cases during the litigation through post-verdict.

While many of KBR’s clients are insured, we also represent self-insured entities. KBR serves as monitoring counsel in cases for potential excess insurance exposure to assist in preventing and defending against adverse verdicts both at the primary and excess levels.

KBR also acts as monitoring counsel to supervise local counsel, defending our clients’ interests in venues where we do not have offices.