KBR defends a large number of manufacturers, distributors, and designers of products and equipment including consumer retail products, exercise equipment, hardware, software, toys and sports equipment, headgear and protective devices. We have particular expertise in liability involving food, drugs and medical devices, and have defended companies against product claims involving multi-million dollar exposure. We have published and lectured on various product liability issues and have worked closely with companies, insurance carriers and trade associations on their risk management programs.

KBR attorneys are active in product liability committee work for several local and state bar associations and are instrumental in formulating new litigation strategies including the advancement of Frye and Daubert positions in this area. We have represented clients in the capacity of national coordinating counsel and have also acted as local litigation counsel on various programs.

KBR also represents clients in coverage issues that arise in connection with these matters, and our attorneys have a strong background in drafting and interpreting policies as well as providing opinions and representation in coverage disputes.