KBR’s Appellate Practice team provides effective analytical, legal research, writing and advocacy skills from the earliest point in the litigation through the post-verdict phase of the proceedings. Our appellate team participates in all phases of case management to provide our litigators with the tools they need to set each case on a path to the most favorable outcome.

In the pre-trial phase, our appellate counsel works with the litigators to plan strategy and to frame key issues that are expected to permeate the case. From the beginning of litigation, we work to obtain tactical advantages for every aspect of the case from inception through trial and beyond. We have considerable experience litigating interlocutory appeals and we have successfully prosecuted and defended scores of appeals which have resulted in the extrication of our clients from litigation without the need for a trial.

In the trial phase of a case, our appellate counsel works hand-in-hand with our trial attorneys to provide critical assistance with motions on a wide range of issues from evidentiary rulings to directed verdicts. We take every measure to protect the record for a possible post-trial appeal. Following a verdict, our appellate attorneys prepare and defend post-trial motions. We have extensive experience handling post-judgment appeals and we have successfully protected our defense verdicts, reduced damages awarded and obtained full dismissals after adverse verdicts.

Our appellate counsel sees both the forest and the trees. We stay on the cutting edge of new developments in the law and use that knowledge to provide objective analysis and advice to our clients throughout the litigation–including in deciding whether to appeal or to settle a case.