KBR is a leader in defending fire and explosion cases. From property damage to personal injury actions, when it comes to fire litigation, it is imperative that counsel have experience and an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of not only the law, including the applicable codes, statutes and ordinances but the science of fires and the internal procedures of the responding fire department.

KBR defends all types of fire-related personal injury litigation ranging from routine loss to newsworthy, high-exposure catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases throughout the country. We are also well-versed in defending subrogation and other fire-related property damage claims.

KBR represents building owners, tenants, commercial properties, restaurants and security companies, as well as other businesses facing suits stemming from fire-related losses. We work with top fire experts to successfully defend these suits.

We have a strong track record in obtaining favorable results in litigation involving alleged faulty fire alarm and sprinkler systems, heating systems, cooking appliances, storage tanks, electrical wires/systems and arson. We also have experience in defending cases brought by firefighters or their estates. Our in-house Appellate Practice Group is knowledgeable about this area of litigation and available to assist with issues from claim inception, through trial and post-verdict.