Our firm has extensive experience in handling all types of premises liability actions in which commercial and residential building owners and managing agents are sued. This includes cases involving slip or trip and falls, negligent security, snow and ice, elevators, ceiling collapses, structural defects, sidewalk defects, dog bites, exploding stoves, and property damage due to fire or flooding.

Our lawyers are equipped to defend building owners and managing agents in actions brought under New York Labor Law §§ 240(1), 241(6) and 200. In addition, our attorneys handle actions involving injuries arising out of exposure to mold, toxic odor and lead paint.

Our litigation experience assists our Premises Liability Defense Team in serving as monitoring counsel. In this role, our lawyers may work with local counsel in venues where KBR does not have offices to protect our clients’ interests. We also act as monitoring counsel for excess insurance carriers in actions where those policies may be triggered to ensure that excess carriers’ interests are considered.