We believe that promoting diversity and inclusion among our attorneys and staff not only enriches work life and promotes opportunity, it enhances the quality and dimension of the legal services we provide. We are committed to recruiting, retaining, and enriching the work life and professional advancement of a diverse workforce from all social, racial, religious, economic, cultural, and personal backgrounds.

Our Commitment In Action

Dedication to diversity and inclusion requires action. At KBR, we have made the deliberate commitment to align the business of diversity and inclusion with the business of the firm. Diversity and inclusion are both a part of our long-standing core values and are fully and deliberately integrated into the way we do business – from recruiting to staffing to creating direct pathways and sustained connections between diverse attorneys and staff to both senior leadership and clients.

Our Commitment to Leadership

According to the Minority Corporate Counsel Association, only 20% of law firm diversity directors are law firm partners. At KBR, our Diversity & Inclusion Committee is headed not only by a partner but a member of the Executive Committee. Diversity and inclusion are paramount to all senior leadership at the firm, who remain directly involved and committed to our ongoing betterment on this front.

Our Commitment By the Numbers

  • 75% of our Administrative Directors are diverse according to the American Bar Association’s definition
  • 70% of new legal hires over the past two years were diverse 
  • 46% of the firm’s partner-level lawyers are female – an accomplishment that puts us in the top four firms in the nation with female representation in our attorney ranks

Through the conscious promotion of a diverse workforce, engaged mentoring and sponsorship, and the continual internal and external investment of time, talent and resources, we are building and sustaining an inclusive culture made up of accomplished individuals of all backgrounds.