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Congratulations to KBR partners Nicole Sheth and Michael Perlis on obtaining a Motion for Summary Adjudication on behalf of our client!

The case revolved around whether virtually any reservation of rights as to coverage created a conflict which entitled the insureds to select their own counsel at the expense of the insurers. The Court agreed that not every conflict of interest means the insured gets their own independent counsel, especially when our client had reserved rights.

Ruth Corcoran, a partner at KBR, will be moderating a roundtable discussion at the Crittenden Medical Conference taking place in Charleston, SC  from April 8-10, 2024 on the topic “Nuclear Verdicts”.

The session will focus on the significance of nuclear verdicts, assess recent trends, and offer practical solutions for claims professionals to proactively address the challenges posed by these high-stakes judgments within their organizations. She will be speaking alongside Jeffrey Gerson – MedPro Group and Rosemarie White – Optum. To learn more about the conference, click… Read more »

Congratulations to KBR senior litigation counsel Megan Bryson on winning a motion to strike plaintiffs’ Complaint in a Connecticut action!

This complicated action involved many causes of action and a number of tenants who, at different times, had all rented a specific unit in our client’s building. The plaintiff’s brought suit alleging breach of implied warranty of habitability, negligence, recklessness and punitive damages. Megan moved to strike all claims on the basis that, among other… Read more »

Celebrating International Women’s Day at KBR!

At KBR, we have always had a culture where female lawyers take their fair place in the composite of our legal talent generally and upper tiers specifically. Our commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion not only enriches our work environment but enhances the quality and dimension of the legal services we provide. As we commemorate… Read more »

KBR partner Jonathan D. Rubin is speaking at the Crittenden Medical Conference taking place in Charleston, SC from April 8-10, 2024.

As part of panel of other experienced Risk, Legal and Trial Tech support professionals, the presentation, “Claims and Litigation Management Strategies” will delve into the realm of best practices for effective claims litigation management. Regardless of the organization’s size, legal conflicts are bound to arise, emphasizing the critical importance of cohesive teamwork and proficient legal… Read more »

KBR is proud to support the National LGBTQ+ Bar Association and Tyron Garner Memorial Scholarship Fund. 

The Tyron Garner Memorial Scholarship honors Tyron Garner, a pivotal LGBTQ+ rights advocate known for his role in overturning sodomy laws across 13 states in the historic Lawrence v. Texas case. The scholarship supports Black LGBTQ+ law students enrolled in ABA-accredited law schools. We invite and encourage those eligible for the scholarship to apply here.

Congratulations to KBR partners Andrew S. Kaufman and Betsy D. Baydala on obtaining another defense verdict in a Medical Malpractice matter in Kings County!

The case involved a patient who underwent a surgery at our client’s facility and claimed permanent incontinence after suffering from complications. Andy and Betsy skillfully argued that our client treated the patient in full conformance with the standards of care, and the jury unanimously agreed. Great work, Andy and Betsy!

Congrats to KBR attorney Lindsey Nourse on obtaining two dismissals, one in a Medical Malpractice matter and the other in a Long Term Care matter!

In the Medical Malpractice matter, Lindsey successfully resolved two separate claims against our clients, a medical center and an OB-GYN specialist. The claims focused on the alleged improper placement of a pigtail drain and allegedly failing to diagnose a ruptured appendicitis. As a result of Lindsey’s skillfully written motion, the court granted a dismissal in… Read more »