Krupa A. Weslosky, Kurtis R. McManus, and Diana-Marie Laventure, attended DRI’s Diversity for Success Seminar and Corporate Expo, and KBR associate, Daniel W. Ishoo, attended DRI’s Young Lawyers Seminar, both of which were held in Nashville, Tennessee. The seminars were filled with important, and timely, sessions such as Authentic Diversity, AI and Implicit Bias, Shaping the Law Firm Associate, Defending Diversity, and Best Practices for Preparing, Taking, and Defending a Deposition, amongst others.

Kurtis also presented on the topic of “Handling Difficult Conversations with Lawyers, Clients, and Pro Se Litigants” at the Young Lawyer Seminar and on the legal landscape of Tennessee’s Anti-LGBTQ+ legislation at the Diversity for Success Seminar, which were well-received and opened dialog as to generational and discriminatory issues that are prevalent today.