Judy is involved on behalf of insurers in all aspects of insurance coverage matters, including analysis of complex issues arising out of Employment Practices Liability, Directors and Officers Liability, Sexual Abuse & Molestation Liability and Professional Liability claims. She advises insurers regarding liabilities faced by employers and underwriting considerations relevant to insuring those liabilities. 

In recent years, employment-related claims and sexual abuse claims have increased both in frequency and extremity, making the purchase of insurance coverage not only desirable but necessary.  Judy has authored comprehensive EPL and SML policies (both primary and excess) for all different types of employers (uniquely tailored on an industry specific basis) and for organizations that are especially at risk (including healthcare providers, educational and religious institutions and school bus companies).  She understands the plethora of coverage triggers, the underwriting concerns, how these types of policies operate vis-à-vis other coverages and the significant liabilities/exposures these claims can present.  She and her team have decades long experience acting as both coverage and monitoring counsel in connection with the employment claims that seem to have propelled SML claims into the spotlight.  As a result,  Judy regularly assists her clients in navigating the labyrinth of unique and complex coverage issues that often arise in connection with the handling of these complex matters.