KBR’s coverage team provides a broad array of services to international and domestic EPL and W&H insurers, including coverage opinions and coverage counsel representation on high-exposure claims. In EPL and W&H coverage, assessment of the underlying risk is critical to well-reasoned product development, effective claims handling assistance including claim resolution, and a strong defense in disputes. Understanding coverage issues in these employment-related areas, particularly in today’s climate, requires a high level of knowledge and expertise. Having serviced clients in this arena for close to three decades, our team has built solid relationships with claims personnel, underwriters, insureds, producers, and defense counsel across the country and around the globe. KBR has both the historical perspective and current insight to evaluate underlying risks to best serve our clients. Our depth of experience allows us to advise clients regarding the liabilities faced by employers in targeted industries and the unique underwriting considerations relevant to insuring those liabilities. This puts our clients in the best possible position to effectively manage their accepted level of risk.

As coverage and monitoring counsel, we analyze claims brought against employers to identify and evaluate our clients’ coverage obligations. When coverage is available, we work closely with local counsel to ensure that claims are properly, effectively and efficiently defended from inception. This includes an analysis of liability and damages. We issue coverage position letters and make sure insureds understand the mechanics, operation and scope of the available insurance. We also work to ensure that defense and indemnity costs are reasonable. We take active steps to position cases for resolution as quickly as possible and participate in mediation and other settlement negotiations. When coverage is not available, KBR works closely with carriers to advise insureds regarding coverage limitations and availability. Should disputes over coverage arise, we respond to coverage challenges and advise clients on the applicable law and strength of the stated coverage position. The coverage team also enjoys a reputation for success in coverage litigation and arbitration and has a depth of experience in litigating coverage disputes across the country and in London and Bermuda arbitration.

KBR is also well-known for EPL and W&H policy drafting and other underwriting assistance, playing a major role in drafting some of the earliest – and the latest – EPL and W&H policies on the market.