Sexual Abuse and Molestation (“SAM”) Liability insurance is designed to provide organizations with protection against financial losses and reputations associated with allegations of abuse and molestation. Illicit sexual activities pose a high-risk safety concern, especially when minors and vulnerable adults, such as the elderly or disabled, are involved. These claims also present a serious liability challenge. In recent years, sexual abuse claims have increased both in frequency and extremity, whether as a result of statory changes or enhanced awareness, making the defense of, and coveragefor, these risks more challenging. Even when these claims are groundless, the allegations and accusations can be devastating to an organization’s financial well-being.

KBR’s coverage team has authored comprehensive SAM policies (both primary and excess) for all different types of organizations that are especially at risk, including healthcare providers, educational and religious institutions and school bus companies. Our team fully understands the coverage triggers, the underwriting concerns, how the SAM policies operate vis-à-vis other coverages and the liabilities/exposures SAM claims present. We have decades-long experience acting as coverage and monitoring counsel in connection with the ancillary sexual harassment/assault type of claims that seem to have propelled SAM claims into the spotlight. As a result, we are also uniquely qualified to assist our clients in navigating the labyrinth of unique and complex coverage issues that often arise in connection with the handling of SAM claims.