Advances in technology, changes in generational norms, and the hybrid-office schedule following the pandemic have changed the workplace forever. KBR’s employment team is multi-generational, diverse, and well-equipped to guide our clients through today’s dynamic workplace. Employment disputes arise out of nearly every aspect of running a business. The ever-expanding and overlapping laws coupled with developments in case law and social inflation can create a minefield for employers. Even decisions made before an employee applies for a position may become the subject of litigation. In this complicated environment, we make Workplace Management a part of our practice so that our clients can carry on their business as usual and without disruption. Our Workplace Management services include advising our clients in developing and maintaining their employee manuals and internal procedures to comply with evolving workplace trends and the prevailing case law. We also prepare hiring and separation documentation as well as employment agreements. At our client’s request, we offer comprehensive training on topics including harassment, wrongful termination, workplace privacy, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and other federal, state and local employment laws. This proactive and collaborative approach not only limits our clients’ exposure but also puts them in a strong defensive position if litigation arises.

We also have experience with Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) in the workplace. New York City mandates that employers using Automated Employment Decision Tools (“AEDT”) for hiring and promotion undergo yearly bias audits, and this has been a focus for our attorneys. The movement to remove educational barriers with a focus on skill set hiring and advancement is a growing trend nationwide and our attorneys have been called upon to guide employers in this developing area as well.

Finally, an integral part of our client collaboration includes education. We inform our clients on emerging employment issues by disseminating Client Advisories detailing important developments in employment law. Please visit KBR’s Publications page to read the latest employment law updates.