KBR represents long-term care facilities and related providers both locally and nationally with a team that enjoys a reputation as one of the leaders in this field. KBR utilizes attorneys with training in the medical sciences and an in-house staff of nurse consultants to assist in the broad-based analysis and defense of these matters. KBR has an intimate grasp of the regulatory and statutory intricacies so interwoven and critical to developing a successful defense or future risk management strategy.

KBR has been designated as one of a select group of national trial counsel for a leading domestic insurer of long-term care facilities in the country. In addition, KBR has worked for several years with numerous local insureds and developed skills through its longstanding work with the non-domestic market to provide supervisory oversight in the management of claims nationwide, including recommending the appropriate reserves, both at the primary and excess layers. Moreover, KBR regularly provides counsel to its nursing home clientele on matters such as risk assessment and regulatory obligations. In addition, KBR has audited long-term care facilities in connection with the underwriting process. KBR has considerable experience litigating matters in various “hotbed” regions of the country. In addition, KBR routinely engages in the mediation and arbitration of these matters and, in particular, prides itself on the ability to analyze claims at inception to provide a meaningful forecast of the probable outcome and devise appropriate strategies to achieve the best results for its clients.

As counsel to numerous insureds, KBR has helped write and implement insurance policies and related endorsements specific to the nursing home industry and oversees multiple-insurance programs on various levels, including an assessment of the applicability of coverage.

Attorneys at KBR regularly lecture and write on issues pertaining to long-term care, including concerns specific to Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living and Independent Living Facilities. KBR has also represented hundreds of nursing homes, home care agencies and a variety of adult living facilities, as attorney of record and in this capacity, has engaged in all aspects of the defense, from claim inception through trial and appeal. Among other things, KBR was recently designated lead trial counsel in the first nursing home class action certified in New York State.