Miscellaneous Professional Liability (MPL) is a diverse and interesting field. The list of MPL professions appears never-ending and changes with the times and the economy. For example, changes in the economy in the late 1990s, along with the growing demand for specially tailored software programs, integrated systems, intranet networks and improved internet capabilities have created a need for consultants to implement and modify these new systems and programs. Along with this growth, the need for insurance to protect these consultants against professional liability claims has developed.

The types of MPL claims are complex and multi-fold, but the roots of these claims tend to be fairly straightforward. Our strategy in defending MPL claims is to focus on the primary cause of the claim and to work closely with the insured professional toward a cost-effective resolution of the claim. Whether through trial, mediation, arbitration or direct negotiation, our goal is to achieve an efficient resolution of MPL claims without compromising the insured’s professional reputation. In addition to serving as counsel of record for MPL insureds, we serve as monitoring counsel to MPL underwriters on national E&O programs, offering claims management, coverage and policy drafting services for our clients.