Few areas of professional liability offer as many challenges as legal malpractice. The defense of lawyers requires an ability to quickly understand the often-complex matters that are the source of legal malpractice claims, as well as an appreciation for the sensitive nature of the attorney-client relationship. Indeed, it is the breakdown of this attorney-client relationship that is often the root of the legal malpractice claim itself.

Legal malpractice claims continue to rise, notwithstanding the level of risk management services now available to law firms. Over the past several years, the prevalence of high-profile legal malpractice claims, as well as the growing number of plaintiff’s attorneys willing to promote themselves as “legal malpractice specialists” has increased the number of claims against attorneys. Clients who perceive that they have ended up on the “wrong side of the deal” seem more apt than ever to file a claim against their lawyer. In addition, the breakdown of the privity requirements in many states has even permitted non-clients to file legal malpractice claims against their adversary’s lawyer.

The multitude of highly publicized verdicts against reputable professional firms and corporations has raised awareness of the risks that professionals face every day. KBR has litigated liability claims brought against lawyers and acts as both counsel of record and as coverage and monitoring counsel for underwriters of the wide spectrum of coverage to legal professionals. Utilizing the vast experience and knowledge of KBR’s various practice areas to assess and evaluate the underlying claim, we seek to achieve the best possible result for our attorney clients. Our Appellate Practice Group is readily available to assist with issues that frequently arise from claim inception through post-verdict appeals.