KBR represents insurers underwriting a variety of professional and general liability healthcare risks, including long-term care, physicians, physician groups, and other related allied health professionals. We draft healthcare insurance policies, endorsements, insurance applications, and underwriting guidelines. We also work with clients to address complex underwriting obstacles and the development of entire programs from inception. As claims and monitoring counsel, KBR attorneys advise our insurance company clients and their third-party claims administrators on coverage issues that arise within the context of specific claims. When necessary, KBR acts as coverage litigation counsel in jurisdictions throughout the United States and in arbitration. Some of the issues we see most frequently in coverage disputes include prior knowledge, insured capacity, and shared limits between and among providers and entities. Additionally, we work with other KBR practice groups (including our medical malpractice and long-term care defense counsel litigators) to provide risk management consulting to insureds, insurance companies and risk retention groups.