KBR attorneys have extensive experience in fidelity and commercial crime coverage matters, and we assist domestic and international insurers with high-profile and complex claims across the United States and throughout the world. The fidelity and crime coverage group assists insurers with difficult fact and coverage investigations involving financial institution bonds, banker’s bonds, fidelity bonds, mortgage bonds, and commercial crime policies. We work alongside our clients to thoroughly investigate and monitor first-party fidelity and crime claims involving a wide variety of fact patterns, including claims based on purported employee dishonesty, mysterious disappearance of company property, theft, forgery, counterfeiting, embezzlement, robbery, burglary, computer fraud, funds transfer fraud, social engineering, and other criminal and dishonest acts. When a proof of loss does not adequately demonstrate that an insured is entitled to coverage, we work with our clients to obtain additional corroboration of the claimed loss via requests for additional documentation and/or examinations under oath, as appropriate.

Our fidelity and crime coverage group seeks to negotiate a favorable resolution for our clients when coverage disputes arise, including through mediation or other dispute resolution mechanisms. However, we also have extensive experience litigating such cases around the country when attempts to amicably resolve a disputed claim are unsuccessful. When our clients pay a covered loss, we then work with our clients to identify potential avenues for subrogation against third parties who are responsible for the loss and will take all necessary steps to preserve our clients’ ability to seek recovery against third parties through negotiation and, if necessary, litigation.