KBR’s Medical Malpractice Group represents physicians, dentists and physicians’ assistants during routine and complex disciplinary proceedings before the New York State Department of Health, Office of Professional Medical Conduct. Our attorneys also represent all allied healthcare professionals including nurses, chiropractors, physical therapists, dentists, mental health counselors, therapists, social workers and psychologists during similar proceedings before New York State Education Department, Office of Professional Discipline. Inquiries by these licensing entities can be conducted as informal interviews or formal hearings and can range in subject matter from the minutiae of record keeping and billing practices to larger issues involving determinations as to whether the particular professional observed the standard of care for the provision of services. Regardless of subject matter, such inquiries may have significant ramifications for these professionals as they can involve the suspension or revocation of their license and ability to practice. Our attorneys are zealous advocates with considerable knowledge in preserving the good standing of licensed healthcare professionals. In defending our clients’ abilities to continue their practice, KBR thoroughly investigates and evaluates issues brought to light during disciplinary proceedings to formulate detailed strategies responding to the allegations at issue including settlement and consent decisions when needed to stay sanction and ensure the licensed professional can continue to practice.