Our cyber liability practice is focused on the ever-increasing risks and rapidly evolving liability exposures associated with the creation, transmission, security and storage of data, including private, personal and proprietary information. Today’s businesses face the threat of intentional infiltration of protected information for various purposes, and the unintentional disclosure or loss of such information, which can give rise to liabilities and significant potential exposure.

Society’s current use of social media and the internet also gives rise to new laws and potential liabilities. We have an in-depth understanding of the evolving regulatory and legislative developments in this field. Our analysis of legislative developments and legal decisions impacting the use of technology and social media have been published in respected legal journals, and we provide our clients with comprehensive, up-to-date and efficient legal services in this area.

We counsel our clients with proactive social media strategies tailored to meet each client’s needs. We work with our clients to identify and advise on strategies to address and minimize potential legal liabilities while protecting and enhancing the efficacy of our clients’ internet operations and network security. With particular experience in the emerging exposures related to Artificial Intelligence, we lead in counseling on risk identification, prevention, and defense of AI-related claims.

We aggressively defend our clients against various cyber liability claims including harassment, libel and defamation, infliction of emotional distress, breach of privacy, breach of contract, breach of security, misrepresentation, and the torts that fall under the rubric of “cyberbullying.”

Likewise, our tech E&O practice is focused on the unique professional liability risks faced by technology companies. High-tech companies can face exposure when their alleged negligent acts, errors, or omissions concerning their technology products or services cause damages to their clients or competitors. KBR is well-versed in defending such claims.

The firm’s experience advising and defending clients in these cases, and its extensive coverage practice, have facilitated a complementary practice focused on cyber and tech E&O coverage. A depth of knowledge and practical experience in cyber liability has made us uniquely situated to assist our insurer clients to develop and enhance their cyber liability and social network policies. Our work in the coverage area includes drafting policies and endorsements to insure against cyber liability claims, developing applications and underwriting guidelines tailored to the risk, and performing risk management services enhanced by the defense experience of our litigation team. We provide knowledgeable opinions to our clients concerning whether particular risks and losses are covered, monitor and settle cyber claims and, when necessary, represent our clients in coverage litigation.

The synthesis of our litigation and coverage teams makes KBR’s cyber liability group multi-faceted and highly capable of addressing and containing these ever-evolving liabilities.