KBR has extensive experience in all aspects of coverage litigation, including business interruption coverage. KBR lawyers advise and assist our insurer clients in analyzing and responding to business interruption claims. These claims often include complex multiple-trigger events, for example, utility interruption and civil authority–each with separate waiting periods and deductibles. KBR’s extensive coverage litigation experience can be utilized by our insurer clients in responding to disputes arising out of the complex legal questions posed by any major business interruption exposure response.

Business interruption coverage is often written in conjunction with other lines of coverage–running the spectrum from management liability to cyber coverage. KBR’s proven expertise in each of these lines of coverage can be drawn upon when needed in conjunction with the response to any business interruption claim.

KBR also has the ability to serve as monitoring and coverage counsel for business interruption claims and as counsel on policy drafting issues, from entire policy forms to specific endorsements needed to address specific business interruption risks.