Accountants Professional Liability is a technical and evolving field. The services provided by accounting professionals are varied and can involve individual and corporate clients. The recent
economic downturn has seen an increase in claims against accounting professionals and
greater scrutiny of accounting practices. Claims against accounting professionals can be based
upon financial reporting, audits, tax preparation or consulting, and can include allegations of
negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, the failure to detect fraud and conspiracy.

We are experienced litigators in state and federal courts at both the trial and appellate levels.
Because each claim is different, we work closely with our clients in formulating and evaluating
the risks and prospective outcomes of litigation early in the case to ensure their goals and
objectives are met. As a firm devoted to defending professionals, we understand the
importance of preserving the accounting professional’s reputation and focus on developing
defense strategies with our clients and their professional liability insurers that allow for the
earliest possible resolution of claims. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the laws and
regulations that affect accounting professionals, and we welcome the opportunity and challenge
of protecting our client’s professional interests.