Environmental, Toxic and Mass Torts

KBR has longstanding expertise in the areas of Toxic, Environmental and Mass Torts. Attorneys on our Toxic Tort Team have more than 25 years experience in environmental impairment coverage disputes, including liability and exposure assessments associated with potentially responsible parties, such as Generators and Owner/ Operators. The Firm acts as coordinating counsel on national site exposures and as coverage counsel monitoring matters under GL, EIL and self-insured programs. The Firm’s experience and background in Toxic Tort litigation includes such areas as Asbestos premises and products, Latex products, Lead Paint and Mold. 


Recognizing that the defense of mass torts is frequently document and party intensive, the Firm has invested in technology solutions paramount to providing a comprehensive defense. At the same time, we are dedicated to maintaining tight control over the numerous cases often filed throughout the nation, and offer clients the economy and affordability necessary to control the associated costs of such potentially large-scale litigation.

Ultimately, in the context of Toxic Tort and Environmental litigation, our attorneys recognize that it is of paramount importance to provide clients with knowledgeable advice in the short term while also keeping long-term consequences in mind. KBR attorneys have served as National Supervisory and Trial Counsel to major corporations, and in that regard we have overseen the defense of thousands of cases filed nationwide. The Firm maintains client and tort specific databases, which not only provide a ready snapshot of the status of all individual filings, but also allows for the oversight and control of sensitive documents. Indeed, it is now well- recognized that clients facing the prospect of multi-jurisdictional mass tort litigation must be wary of efforts by plaintiffs’ counsel to divulge sensitive information in an effort to entrap unsuspecting defense witnesses at depositions or trial.


Our attorneys work closely with a network of local counsel who are also well- regarded in the defense of these matters and lectures in all aspects of the defense of client-specific strategies. In addition, the Firm has established relationships with medical and scientific experts across the country to defend such matters, including epidemiologists, industrial hygienists, teratologists, pathologists and oncologists.  Members of the Firm’s Toxic Tort Team also have scientific/ medical training so as to provide an additional level of sophistication to the defense of these actions.

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