Author: Dipali Patel

Congratulations to KBR attorney Brennan P. Breeland on securing Summary Judgment in a Medical Malpractice case!

The case involved an alleged failure by an emergency medicine physician and physician’s assistant to diagnose and treat critical arterial ischemia in a patient’s legs. Despite being discharged in stable condition, the patient returned a week later, requiring a partial leg amputation. The Defense argued that the PA’s examination and treatment were appropriate and that… Read more »

Congratulations to KBR attorneys Keith Kaplan and Stephen Schmitt on a summary judgment win in a medical malpractice matter before Justice Joseph E. Capella!

Plaintiff asserted claims for medical malpractice and violations of PHL § 2801-d in this case involving the failure to prevent and properly treat pressure ulcers. In granting summary judgment and dismissing the claims against our client, the Court agreed with our position that proper care was provided and the decedent’s development of pressure ulcers was… Read more »

Congratulations to KBR senior litigation counsel Jessica Oliva on obtaining summary judgment in a complicated long term care matter!

Jessica was able to establish that our client successfully kept the patient alive by using a combination of artificial support measures. Despite plaintiff’s expert’s attempts to create an elevated standard of care, the Court ruled that the evidence provided by the defense was thorough, objective, and demonstrated that the care administered was appropriate, negating any… Read more »

KBR’s appellate counsel Lisa Fleischmann recent won Summary Judgment in a medical malpractice case in Bronx County!

Representing our client, an internist, Lisa argued that the client did not depart from any standard of care in his procedures related to the timing of sending confirmatory bloodwork for surgical clearance despite the plaintiff’s misunderstanding as to the results of the initial blood tests.  While plaintiff alleged that subsequent bloodwork should have been immediately… Read more »

Congratulations to KBR partners Nicole Sheth and Michael Perlis on obtaining a Motion for Summary Adjudication on behalf of our client!

The case revolved around whether virtually any reservation of rights as to coverage created a conflict which entitled the insureds to select their own counsel at the expense of the insurers. The Court agreed that not every conflict of interest means the insured gets their own independent counsel, especially when our client had reserved rights.

Congratulations to KBR senior litigation counsel Megan Bryson on winning a motion to strike plaintiffs’ Complaint in a Connecticut action!

This complicated action involved many causes of action and a number of tenants who, at different times, had all rented a specific unit in our client’s building. The plaintiff’s brought suit alleging breach of implied warranty of habitability, negligence, recklessness and punitive damages. Megan moved to strike all claims on the basis that, among other… Read more »