Tools of the Trade


Litigation management is a defining feature of KBR. Today, it’s not enough to know the law and to have the experience and skills necessary to successfully guide a client through the litigation process, or through any legal or business dispute. Clients expect more. Clients expect their counsel to anticipate the rough patches in the road, to prepare for those patches and to manage the process and the expectations.


At KBR, we are immersed in managing the legal process.  Every matter requires anticipation, early evaluation, and analysis of all the options and alternatives. And should litigation be the necessary course of action, the clients expect and deserve answers – answers to questions like – what is this going to cost? How will the case be staffed? How long will it take to get to trial? What can be done to resolve the matter short of trial? What are the alternatives to trial?


The firm is well experienced in all facets of litigation management, including: budgeting, appropriate case staffing, agreed litigation strategy plans, detailed invoicing and e-billing. These “tools of the trade” are well known to our firm.


The firm also utilizes highly skilled paraprofessionals and staff.  On our medical malpractice team, for example, the firm employs skilled nurses with decades of hospital, emergency room and nursing home experience. They work hand-in-hand with the attorneys in evaluating and pinpointing the strengths and weaknesses of cases. The firm employs experienced claims analysts and litigation paralegals.